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MyCollegeIsBetter! is a U.S. based online destination built for college students to express how they feel about their college/university. Students will be able to write their college experiences, allowing others to either agree (thumbs up) or disagree (thumbs down) with their statement/story. As a “tell all” database, users will gain insight to what REALLY happens behind college/university doors; also allowing users to feel out which school they would prefer to attend. Now is always a good time to express why YOUR COLLEGE IS BETTER!

To get started, visit the My College Is Better tab. You will then be able to begin typing your college/university name — as a drop down menu will appear to select your college/university. Next, GIVE US THE JUICE! Tell us all about your college/university experience and why your college is better (or why it is not.) When you are finished writing your statement/story, select Post Story. Your statement/story will automatically be linked to your college/university’s page. To see this page, users can visit the Sort By tab and select Sort By College. Users will be able to find a college/university and read all of the experiences students are spilling onto the page. Warning: It gets real.

Planning to move to a different state located in the U.S. and want better insight on colleges/universities you’re considering applying to? Visit the Sort By tab and select Map to get started!

MyCollegeIsBetter! is looking to be one of the highest trafficked college websites to date.